The Citizenshop/ship: Exploring the multidimensional means of citizenship in a neoliberal world, 2016, Mixed media.  ©Nele Vos

‘Citizenshop/ship’ is an interactive travelling installation that opposes the neoliberal concept of the acquisition of citizenship by investment, as is offered by an increasing number of governments across the world today. Instead, it asserts the multidimensional needs and interpretations of citizenship by the world’s peoples and instigates a radical humanistic inquiry that seeks to stimulate new questions.

The installation interrogates emerging questions surrounding citizenship, such as the economic privatisation of the nation state, the worldwide increase in migration, cross-border interlinked technologies, and the disadvantages faced by the majority of people under these new international circumstances. It incorporates an online web shop where questions about data collection by policy makers and sociologists are raised and an assemblage of personal voices talking about citizenship is presented. The visitor experiences the government’s point of view alongside her/his own multidimensional needs, moving from being a spectator to becoming a co-author of the installation, pondering: What makes a good citizen?

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Nele Vos

Berlin-based German designer, artist Nele Vos was educated at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London in MA Narrative Environments. In her work as a creative activist, she’s interested in the meaning and alternative use of space in times of globalisation and migration. In here she explores the mental and physical borders of space and tries to make them visible through narrative techniques, provocation and participation. Nele’s work has been recently published by View Point Magazine (London), Die Gestalten (Berlin), Volume Magazine (Amsterdam) and was till recently on show in the TATE Exchange Program ‘Who are WE?” at Tate Modern Switch House.

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